Ancient Kauri Seed Pod

Ancient Kauri Seed Pod
Hand Crafted Ancient Kauri Seed Pod
I love the colours of this piece. Dark and light Ancient Kauri, citrus fruit wood , Brazil rosewood, Jarrah burl .

400mm by 300mm
Hand Made Ancient Kauri Seed Pod
I have selected a matching couple of ancient Kauri natural edged bowls , 300mm dia. with very wild movement on the rims. That was to give interesting shapes to add mosaics into.
Ancient Kauri Seeds production process
Pressed between centers to establish position of the finished work. Turned to get the finished shape of the pod .

To avoid any braking of the thin edges while turning , I made a couple of strong rings , glued them with epoxy , this supports the radical shapes while under lots of pressure , they would snap off very easily, unsupported.

The two ledges can be seen for a sleeve to position the two parts to become one.
Pressing together Ancient Kauri
A sleeve is made to hold the two parts together as one. and glued in place against the ledges made when turning the two parts.

The sleeve is thin and hollow , to keep the weight down.
Ancient Kauri seed manufacturing Ka-Uri Unearthed
The sleeve has been sprayed with black semi -gloss lacquer and glued into place , with the two natural edges lined up for the planned effect.

A copy of the gap is made by wrapping some A4 copy paper and making a rubbing . This rubbing can be used to draw the images of what will become the mosaic. 

The best way to copy the drawings onto the wood to be used for the mosaics , is with carbon paper.
Ancient Kauri Drawings
Drawing up the mosaic designs, is where some creative development takes place.
Ancient Kauri New Zealand Design
After cutting out the wood mosaics on a scroll saw , the complex mosaics are glued to cotton fabric , this allows them to articulate over the curved surface of the sleeve while keeping the bits in place.
Ink and Ancient Kauri
Once all the visual structure is glued in place , it's tome for the infills, these are hand drawn oval shapes , cut out on a scroll saw, sanded on a disc , then glued in place and taped down till the glue sets. Once all the gluing is done and set, the whole surface is faired in with a 6" sander.

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