Tohora Whales Tail Art Piece

Tohora Whales Tail Art Piece

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The beauty of this art piece is it is carved from one ancient Kauri log preserved for 45,000 years beneath the peat marshes of the far north of Aotearoa New Zealand.

It is made to show the unique connection between our land and oceans that we as descendants of those who we first made the lands of the far north their home. 

This handcrafted masterpiece represents the story of the relationship of the Tohora (Whale) and the Giant Kauri that once dominated the landscape of the far north of Aotearoa New Zealand. 

It represents the tail flukes of the Tohora that guided and swam alongside our ancestors as they sailed the oceans of the world, exploring and settling the lands of the Pacific. 

It represents our role as tiaki and future tupuna of generations to come to ensure that we have something to pass on clean oceans and environments. We dream that our mokopuna (grandchildren) will see beaches filled with life, not plastic.

The whale's tail is another symbol of protection. Many whales in an area often meant an absence of sharks.

Today the whale represents protection on all forms of transport.

The whale, in many cultures, is seen as a symbol of good luck, speed, strength, freedom and joy within.

Whales were considered sacred in Maori,  Russian, Slavic, Arabian and Chinese mythology.