About Kauri




In the beginning, life could not exist in the world. Our primordial parents – Rangi (sky) and Papa (earth) – clung tightly together inhibiting light from entering the world. Caught within their embrace, their children grew frustrated, until Tāne (the forest) pushed upward breaking his parents hold, enabling light into the world. Through the actions of Tāne, life eventually flourished and humankind and all other living things came into being. The connection between Tāne and humans has since shared an inextricable bond.

For Ngāti Kuri, we continue to honour the connection of our iwi (tribe) to our divine beginnings. The kauri used by Kā Uri, hidden in the earth for over 45,000 years, is brought into the light and then formed or carved giving it new life. Its recovery continues to reinforce and celebrate the close genealogical relationship we have with Tāne.

Ngāti Kuri is sharing these important narratives with you alongside the uniquely crafted pieces of recovered kauri for all to discover and enjoy.