Be a good ancestor | How to keep a New Years Resolution

- make this year a year of legacy-

Too often as the year rolls around with the sun setting on the horizon and firework embers exploding in the sky as the clock strikes midnight, we start to promise ourselves things we will or won't do this year. 

As we sit around the camp fire this year it will be no different.We will promise to lose weight, exercise more, drink less, spend more time with family etc. very rarely do we stick these promises. 

The reality is we don't stick to these promises to ourselves because we don't have a reason why. It's the age-old hit and hope.Without a sound 'why' our 'what' and sticking to our goals is hard to achieve no matter what we do. 

At Ka-Uri Unearthed, we pride ourselves in building foundations so that our descendants in decades to come will have something to stand on and look back on with pride. 

To help you understand your 'why', here are a few tips we have picked up over the years from our elders:

1. Remember you are an ancestor. Every action we take will either harm or protect the generations to come. 

2. Live, love, sing, dance and eat with others; sunsets and sunrises are always more beautiful when shared.

3. Treat the earth and oceans as an ancestor with respect and kindness; how we leave it will be our true legacy. 

4. Love yourself. When you love the one in the mirror, regardless of what comes your way, you will smile and keep going.

5. Dance in the rain and sun, feel nature's glow.

6. Never go to sleep angry. 


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