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by Tamati Norman May 21, 2019 3 min read

Adventure awaits 

There are endless adventures and treats to be had in the Te Hiku o Te Ika Peninsula the home of worlds oldest workable wood ancient swamp Kauri. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city's around the world. We have the gentle blue Pacific Ocean on the East Coast to the roaring waves of the West and the spiritual energy of the northern coastline even though narrow the peninsula is as diverse as it is remote.

As a photographer, there is nothing like climbing to the top of the towering sand dunes at Te Paki and watching the sunrise and sunset. There are striking colours that will leave you speechless as the shadows drop and textures appear in the sand that blazing midday sun will never show. This moment is transcendent in nature.

New Zealand's far north is full of magic moments. The ever-changing landscape of shifting sands means no photo is ever the same. Once the sun sets there is the beauty of watching the bright stars that guided many a voyager explorer to our sacred shores burst into life in some the of the darkest skies in the world.


Explore the origins of our ancient Kauri

Deep beneath the sacred whenua (lands) of the far north of Aotearoa, New Zealand,  lies a sacred mauri (energy) ancient swamp Kauri that has been hidden for over 45,000 years. As Ngati Kuri, we are protectors of this sacred land and mauri filled Kauri timber. Our ancestors have inhabited this sacred whenua for thousands of years that today, is a windswept land with towering sand dunes, and wetlands filled with rare and endemic species of flora and fauna.

These lands were once a magnificent and majestic Kauri forest. A narrow area with three coastlines North, West and East, the closest points apart from one in the North Island -Te Ika a Maui. 45,000 years ago a natural disaster occurred that flattened this forest, burying it deep beneath the sand and peat marshes. ⠀

Lands end

This is sacred land that has been our home as Te Ngake (Ngati Kuri) for many millennia, lands end a deeply spiritual place that hosted and welcomed the great fleets of ocean waka as they travelled the Pacific and Tasman ocean. ⠀

It is from this powerful event of nature that our ancient Kauri timbers come. The sacred Mauri of the Kauri has been preserved beneath the sands. It is this sacred mauri-filled timber that is prepared by skilled master craftsman Kā-Uri Unearthed in Awanui. ⠀

If you are looking to give your Instagram something unique, make your way north to show people something extraordinary and different to anything others will see. You cannot go wrong with the drive north.

The days hold as much adventure as the nights and mornings. Whether you are seeking stillness or high octane adventure, Te Hiku o Te Ika has you covered. Check out the Wharekapua Beach House, House in the clouds on Rarawa Beach for a beach all of your own. For the more adventurous, the campgrounds at Spirits Bay, Rarawa Beach and Tapotupotu Bay are wonderful locations to relax and launch your adventures from. 

Relax, unwind, dive, fish, surf sand dunes and waves the far north has what you need for the perfect holiday that recenters and restores.

Tamati Norman
Tamati Norman

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