The Soulful Kitchen

The Soulful Kitchen

The soulful kitchen

When I imagine the perfect kitchen, I automatically think of the small homely kitchens I grew up in. There was the smell of Mums cooking that made the mouth water and the heart sing.

There was nothing fancy. No plastic utensils, just a good frying pan and few pots and pans that would prepare what can only be described as the food of legends.

There were no fancy electric gadgets that would there one day and gone the next. Like the Marae kitchen, it was practical and soul filled.

Mums rolling pin, servers and a sharp butchers knife were all that was required to make and serve food fit for kings.

The cast iron pot would simmer on the stove all day while being stirred by the wooden spoon - a no harm way of cooking that is missed in the hustle and bustle of modern cuisine preparation.

The wooden spoon has folklore all of its own, within the soulful kitchen it had the power to giveth and taketh away. The joy of licking the spoon as Mum made a chocolate cake is something every child has fond memories of, as does the memory of being chased from the kitchen with Mum close behind with a wooden spoon raised as you were caught sneaking into the pot before dinner.

We aim to give the wooden spoon its rightful place at the heart of the kitchen, and we want to encourage plastic free kitchens.

Every kitchen is unique to its owner. Each with their own idea of what is essential, It is, after all, a uniquely personal space.

Here a few suggestions on how to make it your own and plastic-free:

1. Declutter: What do you use every day? What is used once every blue moon?

2. What is made of plastic? If left on heat, will it melt? If its plastic, recycle it. Make it part of your decluttering process.

3. Is your bench clear? Can you open your kitchen draws without banging cutlery and serving spoons? In our home, I effectively use one utensil for mixing and stirring our kai. That is a Kauri wooden spoon. There is something comforting about cooking with wood. The energy is different - there is thoughtfulness to it.

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